Frequently Asked Questions
Do you allow pets?

There are additional deposits and fees required. Feel free to ask our leasing staff, or read more about our pet policy on the property web portal under Contact Us for the Pet Policy
Do you accept section 8?
We no longer accept section 8.
Do you offer short-term leases?
THis is negotiable, and extra fees are required. Most often, a one-year commitment is required on new leases. Other options become available in the second and subsequent years. Also, ask about our two-year lease option.
Do you offer furnished apartments?
Negotiable, and extra fees required. All of our apartment homes come with various amenity packages. Ask for more details.

What is the minimum age requirement for applying for an apartment?
Primary and co-applicants must be at least eighteen (18) years of age, due to the restrictions regarding information retrieval under the age of majority.
Who has to apply for the apartment?
Any individual over the age of eighteen who will be a resident of the apartment must apply. Our occupancy standards allow for up to four (4) individuals to occupy a two bedroom apartment or up to six (6) in a three bedroom apartment for the purposes of sanitation and safety. 
Do you accept co-signers?
We encourage applicants to apply on their own. However, if an applicant does not meet the requirements for approval, s/he can submit a cosigner application for re-evaluation. Please note that the cosigner must own property and must have sufficient and good credit. Each individual who is listed on the property deed must cosign. 
What are the requirements to get approved?
When considering your application for approval, management takes several things into consideration, such as credit, clean criminal background reports, income, employment, and housing history.
Is there an application fee?
Yes, there is a non-refundable $35.00 application fee per applicant.  
Is Renters’ Insurance Required?
Yes, valid renters’ insurance is a requirement in each lease we sign with our residents.
What are the deposit requirements?
We require a security deposit as well as first month’s rents. The security deposit is equivalent to one month’s rent.
How soon can I move in and when do I get keys to the apartment?
As soon as you submit the security deposit, we will schedule your lease signing appointment. Possession of the apartment will occur once the apartment is rent-ready, the lease has been signed, proof of valid renter's insurance has been submitted and all payments have been rendered. Move-in monies must be paid in Certified Funds (Money Order, Bank Check, Cashier’s Check), No Exceptions.